Thank you for visiting my old, old, website! I have taken the site down since it no longer reflects my life or my journey. Hopefully I will have time to make something nice here someday.

So much has changed in the past decade. I am a mother, a wife, a homemaker, an artist/writer, and very happy. (I hope you are too!)

While I have been busy living, I have also been busy creating. The first book in a graphic novel series coming out from Scholastic Graphix will be released in 2021, based on my lifelong work, Reman Mythology. A new title will be announced as we get closer to the book being released, but I am thrilled with how the work is turning out.

In the mean time, the best way to keep up with announcements and work-in-progress previews for the Rema Graphix Series (placeholder title) is to visit my twitter (best source) or my blogspot.

Thank you for the support over the years. It has truly been a wonderful journey.