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Reman Mythology: The Online Novel
December 08, 2010

In case anyone is searching for my maiden name (Amy Kim Ganter) and wondering what I'm up to, I thought I'd leave a notice here that my old webcomic Reman Mythology has been steadily updating as an illustrated novel, entitled "Rema," over at

The writing is rough as I've had no formal training, and it has its flaws, but if you read the webcomic in the past and enjoyed it I'm pretty sure you'll like the novelization as well. It has much in common with webcomic -- it's still a story of Tabby, Philip, and how their relationship changes the world -- but so much is different, you're sure to be surprised.

Yes, this is the book I've worked on for the last five years in isolation. It's the novel I've been blogging about since 2007, and it is a labor of love. I'm so glad to finally share it with anyone willing to give it a read.

Thank you so much to anyone who supported me and this story over the years. The only way I can think of repaying you for your interest is to see this project through to end. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it!

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