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Sorcerers & Secretaries

A romantic comedy that takes place in NYC, this two-book series follows the story of business student/receptionist Nicole Hayes as she struggles to find her true path in life and love.  Visit the S&S site for character bios, fan art, and a 3-chapter preview or order the book online at amazon.  Book 2 is coming out in June 2007.

Food From The Sea

My entry to Flight Volume 4, this is a 22-page story dedicated to my grandfather who was a fisherman in Chumunjin.  It's the over-the-top tale of two fisherwomen and how their competative attitudes consumed each other, and almost the entire village.  To be released summer 2007 by Vallard Books.  Click here for a 6-page preview.

Reman Mythology

An online comic serialized from October 2002- August 2005.  Production halted to start over from page one.  It's my goal to have this be my next published work as a prose novel. The comic was taken down in March 2009 because it has lots of spoilers for new readers, and should the novel reach bookshelves I want their experience of it to be as pure as possible. Thanks to all my webcomic readers for their patience and understanding! Subscribe to the rss feed for updates on Reman Myth's status.




Amy's Suitcase


My side series of short stories originally done for pvcomics.  So far there are only six stories, but I'd like to add more someday because it's awesome practice.  Read all stories here~ =)




Diner Dash


This is a downloadable game where I did character design/animation, and the comics for story "cinemas" between stages.  Teamed up with the game design geniuses and other awesome artists at Gamelab, you get the downloadable game sensation that is Diner Dash!  Published by Playfirst, you can download a free demo/play the web version at playfirst.com.  Beware, it's addicting!! o_o





Another hit downloadable game from the genuises at Gamelab.  I did the linework for the comics between stages, along with character design for the humans.  Much more laid back than Diner Dash, but with a romantic storyline that will warm you heart and a peaceful atmosphere that will calm your nerves after a long day.  Check it out at the publisher's website, Playfirst.com!



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